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Recombee application

Have you ever thought about hidden potential in your data? If you have many products and many customers, personalized recommendations by Recombee can boost your business.

Recombee application can recommend products to your customers in a personalized way, giving everyone products based on their personal taste. Recommendation therefore brings both satisfied customers and increased incomes.

Recombee application is very easy to use, giving you a possibility to make a use of the cutting-edge technology in a few minutes as you have probably all the needed data (purchases) already uploaded in Keboola. Your data are sent to the Recombee recommendation engine, which runs all the smart algorithms, and then returns the resulting recommendations in a form of a table. The created recommendations can be then easily used for example for sending personalized emails. Another usage of the application may be generating of the related products for products of your catalog.

How to start using it?

Only a few steps are needed and everything is described here.

In Recombee, we feel confident about quality of our recommendations. Therefore we provide you our recommedations free of charge for the first 14 days, so you can evaluate impact on your business. After 14 days trial period, you decide, whether you like our services and in case you wish to continue, we come with a special price package exclusively for Keboola platform. More about pricing here.

Getting even more from your data

Beside the Recombee application, Recombee can provide real time recommendations for customers directly at your website and helpful business insights.

Real time recommendations

Recombee can also provide real time recommendations for your customers - anytime a customer views a product, recommender system immediately returns personalized recommendations based on the particular customer and viewed product. These recommended products have then usually much higher click-through rate in comparison to some static suggested products, as the recommended products are tuned to fit the taste of the specific customer. Our system also provides an easy to use way for defining business rules or sales techniques like upselling.

Using of real time recommendations requires integration of your website with the Recombee API, which is an easy to use REST API. Integration can be even easier with API clients for various languages.

Example of input and output mapping

Business insights

We can also help you with business insights based on your data. User interactions can be transformed into valuable reports and visualizations showing relations among your products or value of your customers. Upload interactions of your customers and we can estimate the potential of improving your business by our recommendations and boosting your revenue.

Contact us at info@recombee.com for more information about real time recommendations or business insights.